Reasons why you can always trust your LIC Agent

Published by Philip George on October 25th, 2011 - in LIC Agents
  • His mobile & land line numbers never change!
  • He does not jump from company to company!
  • He is always happy with his job!
  • He is in the noble profession of helping people insure uncertainty of life.
  • He represents the best company in the field.
  • His company has the lowest claim rejection ratio in the World
  • He is proud of his profession and so his head is up from the first day of his career!
  • He is encourages the savings habit of the people!
  • He is at your call for all your financial services!
  • He is trained, well educated and knowledgeable about various financial products!
  • He is always with you as a family member to serve you
  • He lives as an LIC Agent and dies as an LIC Agent!
  • His best service is assured, as his career ladder depends up on how he serves his customers!
  • He is your mentor, philosopher and your friend!

NB: What prompted me to write this post was that, once when I approached an IT Engineer for LIC Policy, his first question was, “How can I trust you?”. Later talking to him, I understood that he was one of the victims of the private insurance agent catch-up.

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