My Tips for LIC Agents

Published by Philip George on August 10th, 2011 - in LIC Agents, Life Insurance

Defeat ourselves!
Often we think that it is enough to try a certain amount. But, in order to be successful we need to go beyond this and in fact we need to defeat ourselves. For this, every morning I fix the goals for the day, and repeat them several times as we pray the “rosary”. I tell myself, “Today I would perform better than yesterday.” I would repeat to myself, “Today at least ten clients I would contact.” If an agent makes this a habit, he can succeed easily.
Training courses.
From the very beginning of my career, I used to go for training courses. I also would attend other training courses, besides what the company was offering. My experience is that, these will give you greater motivation. One should attend these courses till one gets self confidence. There will be always something new to learn from each training course, besides your knowledge about the products would also increase.
Self assessment.
The agent who finds out and overcomes one’s own shortcomings will never be disappointed. Daily, one should meet and talk to at least ten persons. There is a chance that at least four of them would take policy in the future.
The agent should be able to say with confidence that he would give the best of service. The agent who takes this as a profession will never be forced to compromise.

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